projects – media/composition

Collaboration with multi-media artist Maciej Walczak (PL).

Look for new work from our artist residency at STEIM (June 19 -30, 2012). Maciej is one of the early inventors and performers of computer video instruments. Starting with our work together at the Hochschule for Music in Stuttgart, we continue to perform together in Europe and the U.S. This work sometimes involves networked computers generating realtime audio-visual performances. Some works are combinations of computer video with processed saxophone.
(e.g.  Haiku RedKrimskrams, Novalis Assoziation)

Collaboration with dancer Ninel Çam(DE).

Ninel Çam is a singer and dancer based in Stuttgart.  We perform together using composed media as well dancer with live saxophone and computer processing.

Swarm Models for Granular Synthesis.

Computer science professor, Stephen Majercik (Bowdoin College, US), and I have collaborated to develop computer simulations of multi-agent systems as the basis for synthesizing video and sound. This system responds to input from live audio and from motion sensors.

Solo Saxophone with digital signal processing.

I continue to develop software for interactive signal processing that I use in solo saxophone performances. Digital Etudes (2010-2011) are representative of this work.


 Instrument Lab Pick-up Ensemble

A group of multi-media artists who met at the STEIM workshop in Amsterdam, fall 2011. Video and sonic madness ensued.


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